ANTT offers a transparent and optimal investment plan. It is very difficult for small balance holders to access any Seed or Special sale opportunities alone. That’s what ANT TROOP is for.

We will manage all processes in a transparent manner. Ant Troop is a unique opportunity for novice traders.

Ant Troop makes its investments with its own equity capital. It earns profits as a result of these investments. Distributes profit to Anthill. ANTTs locked in Anthill never move.

Ant-Troop will clearly publish various investment areas and information about these


Please follow announcements closely.



  • May 2021

    * Conceptualization of the ANT TROOP Financial System & Team Building.

  • June 2021

    * Testing of the Financial Model
    * Start of the ANT TROOP Smart Contract Development

  • Jul 2021

    * ANTT & ANTHILL Smart Contracts Alpha Testing
    * ANTT & ANTHILL Smart Contracts Beta Testing

  • Aug 2021

    * Meeting with Private Investors, Marketing & Community Building
    * Website Development & ANTT Smart Contract Audit

  • Sept 2021

    * Public Sale & PancakeSwap Listing

  • Oct 2021

    * Anthill active
    * Profit distribution.

  • Q1 2022

    * Listing at Major Exchange
    * ANTTROOP latest performance report.

  • Q2 2022

    * Modular Integration of ANTHILL to other DeFi Project Platform



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